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Phoenix’s core strategy is innovation in infrastructure and climate financing
strong expertise in climate finance solutions
in-depth knowledge in developing, structuring and financing projects in emerging markets
cross sector experience spanning power, transport, and telecoms

Welcome to Phoenix InfraWorks

Phoenix InfraWorks: Applying innovation in financing to fund projects in emerging markets where the deficits in infrastructure and climate finance present opportunities for investment returns.

Phoenix InfraWorks is a specialist infrastructure unit managed and owned by a highly experienced executive team

  • Results oriented
  • Focussed on creating new businesses through partnerships

Phoenix InfraWorks seeks to leverage the experience and expertise gained in multiple regions and across sectors into more efficient ways to deliver infrastructure solutions in emerging markets by:

  • Forging partnership with high quality institutional partners
  • Acting with informed agility and decisiveness
  • Having a “low cost start-up “ culture

Phoenix  InfraWorks is;

  • Infrastructure centric
  • Investment instrument agnostic
  • A mobiliser of 3rd party capital
  • An originator of assets for investment products
  • Founded on an infrastructure investment philosophy of;

         – Project Finance

         – Valuation philosophy

         – Active asset management

         – Risk management of social assets

         – Connector of global infrastructure investment                       community: Governments, Development Finance               Institutions, and  African, Euro and US Institutions